Yuran.my Apps at a Glance

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1.0 Sign Up page

2.0 Login page

2.1 Login with Email credential
2.2 Login with Mobile credential

3.0 Home page

4.0 Profile page

5.0 Viewing Announcement, News, and Events

6.0 Make Payment & View Receipt

7.0 View Details Information about Student/Player/Asset

8.0 Make Infaq & View Receipt

1.0 Sign Up page

Step 1: At this Sign up page, user need to click Add New School/Organization button to insert the registered subdomain.

* Add New School/Organization button

Step 2: Once clicking the Add New School/Organization button, user need to insert the school/organization URL on Yuran.my. Then, click the Continue button.

2.0 Login page

Step 1: At this Login Page, user able to choose either login using Email or Mobile credentials to access the application.

2.1 Login with Email credential

Step 1: Choose the Email credential option.

* Email credential

Step 2: Insert your registered Email Address and Password. Then, click Login button.

Step 2: Click Forgot Password link once user forget password when login. Insert Email Address to send a recovery link. Then, click the Send Recovery Email button.

* Send Recovery Email button

2.2 Login with Mobile credential

Step 1: Choose the Mobile credential option.

* Mobile credential

Step 2: Insert your Mobile Number to access the application with mobile credential. 

Step 3: Once inserting Mobile Number, click Send OTP Code button to choose either Send to SMS or Send to Whatsapp.

* Send OTP Code button

3.0 Home page

At the Home page, user able to view the latest announcement, news, or events and unpaid invoices.

4.0 Profile page

Step 1: Click Profile icon at the Home page.

* Profile icon

Step 2: At this page, user able to Change Password and Logout Account under Account category. Besides, user able to view Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy, and Version under Others category.

5.0 Viewing Announcement, News, and Events

Step 1: Click the Hamburger menu icon at the Announcement on Home page.

* Hamburger menu icon

Step 2: Click on the Announcement, News or Events to read the details.

Step 3: User able to read the announcement details and click the Delete icon if wanting to delete the announcement.

6.0 Make Payment & View Receipt

Step 1: Click the Payment icon to select the invoices.

* Payment icon

Step 2: Select the invoice to make payment.

Step 3: Once choosing the invoice, click the Make Payment button.

Step 4: Choose bank to make online payment.

Step 5: Once choosing the bank, it will link to the FPX for proceeding with the payment. After done, user able to download the receipt as shown.

Step 6: User able to view the Invoices by clicking the Invoices navigation at above of the screen.

Step 7: User able to view the payment lists by clicking the Payments navigation at the above of the screen. User also able to download the payment receipt by clicking the Download icon.

7.0 View Details Information about Student/Player/Asset

Step 1: Click the Students/Players/Assets navigation at the Home page.

* Players navigation

Step 2: Click the Student/Player/Asset info.

Step 3: At this page, user able to view about the Student/Player/Asset ProfileEvents, and Invoices.

i) Profile

ii) Events

iii) Invoices

8.0 Make Infaq & View Receipt

Step 1: Click the Infaq navigation at the Home page.

* Infaq navigation


 Step 2: Click the Infaq icon

* Infaq icon

Step 4: Once clicking the Infaq icon, the Infaq page with form to make an Infaq will appear.

Step 5: Fill in the information needed and click Make Payment button. Once clicking the Make Payment button, it will linked to the FPX payment gateway.

* Make Payment button

Step 6: Choose bank and Click Proceed With Payment button. Then, it will linked to the FPX payment gateway to finish the payment process.

Step 7: Once finish, user able to download the receipt by clicking the Download Receipt PDF button.

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